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The Top 3
Benefits of laguz products
Benefit no. 1 of laguz-waterproof products

Benefit 1: Waterproofing
Improves the durability and moisture resistance of treated materials and bonds permanently with them.

Benefit no. 2 of laguz-waterproof products

Benefit 2: easy to use
Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray bottle. High yield. Can be used by anyone.

Benefit no. 3 of laguz-waterproof products

Benefit 3: environmentally friendly
Based on natural ingredients. Without hazardous chemicals. Drinking water approved.

Crystalline waterproofing from the basement to the roof

With laguz-waterproof products, sealing masonry, concrete and wood against moisture and humidity is child's play. Especially the sealing of the inside, for example in a basement waterproofing, with products from the category cement and plaster, is very easy. Elaborate shaft work can be omitted, which significantly reduces the time required and thus also the costs. In addition, the masonry does not have to be absolutely dry. On the contrary laguz products even require water or a certain amount of moisture in order to penetrate deep into the material and be able to develop their full effect quickly. As an example, laguz restoration plaster can be applied directly to laguz crystalline sealing slurry without any major waiting time and a project can be completed in a very short time. And time, as we all know, costs (its) money.

Wood protection - solutions with a depth effect for your wood

We also offer a permanent solution against moisture penetration for untreated wood - laguz HYDRO-Wood . With this you can make your wooden fence, window frame, terrace panels and wooden facade waterproof. Even with a single painting or spraying, the agent penetrates the wood and forms a protective layer that nevertheless remains open to diffusion. In addition, the wood surface is given a kind of nano-sealing that allows water and other liquids to simply roll off. There are so many buildings made of wood that have to be constantly oiled or painted to protect them from environmental influences and regularly you have a not inconsiderable expense. Our wood preservative is acid-resistant, UV-resistant, odorless, dust-binding, very economical and also environmentally friendly.

laguz-waterproof products are environmentally friendly

Because our products are based on pure natural substances and water, they are basically already environmentally friendly. When used, the crystals bond with the respective building material and thus become an integral part of it. Even high water pressure does not flush them out and therefore laguz products are also approved for drinking water. No harmful chemicals that could get into the soil and groundwater can be washed out because they are not contained in laguz-waterproof products. The permanent protection of the building materials extends their service life - another important aspect of sustainability.

Cleaning and care products for stones and structures

As a supplement to our waterproofing products, we also offer cleaning and care products for industry, trade, commerce as well as gastronomy and hotel business, for example, to optimally clean and protect commercial premises, machinery, interiors and exteriors. With products from Ilka Chemie, which have been developed and used for decades, facades, walls, floors, terraces, roofs and much more can be cleaned and sealed from coatings and dirt. The colors of stones, such as clinker facades, can also be refreshed and intensified. The concentrates can be optimally dosed for the respective area of application and are often also suitable for ETICS. We can therefore offer a suitable solution for every sector.