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AREXAL® Liquid X Additive: Innovation boost for fresh concrete in house construction
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AREXAL® Liquid X Additive: Innovation boost for fresh concrete in house construction - Innovation boost for fresh concrete in house construction | laguz-waterproof

The wishes for durability of building structures made of concrete and steel in house construction are not fully met, much to the chagrin of builders. Often, subsequent protective measures are required to ensure stability, abrasion resistance, optimal external sealing and corrosion protection for reinforcing steel. The comprehensive problem solution at the start of construction is offered by the "AREXAL® Liquid X" additive for fresh concrete and screed. It provides crystalline concrete waterproofing and makes your concrete watertight and radon-proof.

AREXAL® Liquid X improves corrosion protection for reinforcing steel
Foundation prepared with steel reinforcement for pouring with fresh concrete

Concrete in house construction

Have you already dealt with the issue of concrete in house construction? Concrete is considered the most widely used building material in the world. Even in house construction, a wide variety of concrete components can be found, up to the complete concrete house. The building material called concrete is composed of a mixture of sand, gravel, cement and water. Even as a "house builder" you can benefit from its positive properties. The high strength of the material, as well as the combination with steel, offer enormous scope for structural engineering and architectural design.

Concrete in house construction offers advantages in case of fire, because this building material is incombustible. It produces neither smoke nor toxic fumes. Concrete ceilings and walls inhibit the spread of fire into neighboring rooms.

Construction experts and economists are focusing their attention on the expected lifespan of new buildings to be constructed. The reasons for this are rooted in cost. Today, it is assumed that professionally constructed buildings should achieve a service life of 100 years and more. For you as a builder, it is advisable to examine your building project under the premise of manufacturing quality. If you invest in the longevity of the building during the house construction phase, you will usually save money on the repairs that will be required later on the structure.

Optimization of fresh concrete & screed with additive "Liquid X"

Improve the fresh concrete and screed used for your house construction already at the start of construction! By adding the liquid additive "AREXAL® Liquid X", you achieve unique quality advantages for the concrete and reinforced concrete building substance in your house construction. Stability, abrasion resistance, optimal exterior sealing and corrosion protection for reinforcing steel are solid arguments for the addition of the additive. The inorganic and copolymeric liquid is designed to react chemically with Portland cement. In this way, the properties of concrete as a building material are optimized in all processing phases of its production. Specifically, the spectrum of action extends over the phases

Concrete in a fresh state (fresh concrete)
Curing phase
Finished concrete.

More stability, abrasion resistance and improved workability in fresh concrete and in finished concrete thanks to the additive AREXAL® Liquid X
Finished poured floor slab with 1% AREXAL® Liquid X content

With this product profile, this concrete mix is recommended for your most demanding construction projects.

Crystalline concrete sealant makes concrete waterproof

What is the difference between common fresh concrete and the "fresh concrete plus Liquid X additive" variant? The secret is the silicates incorporated in the liquid additive. These are the water-soluble components with the chemical designations calcium hydroxide and calcium aluminum hydroxide. When combined with Portland cement, these water-soluble calcium constituents are converted into the insoluble minerals

tricalcium silicate and
Tricalcium aluminum silicate

converted. In this function, the newly formed minerals grow into the capillaries as the finest micro-crystals. The result is a concrete mass with a micro-pore structure that prevents the penetration of water even under high pressure. Crystalline concrete waterproofing is achieved by this process route. This is how concrete becomes watertight.

Radon proof for the health of the residents

From 2021, legislation will require building owners to implement specified measures to protect against radon gas (Rn-222). This radioactive, naturally occurring gas is classified as an indoor pollutant. Studies attest Rn-222 is the most common cause of lung cancer after smoking due to its radioactivity. How to make your house radon proof? By adding "AREXAL® Liquid X" you can achieve the highest quality of fresh concrete and screed also with regard to radon gas tightness. Additional protective foils or mats under the foundation are therefore not necessary. You should not make any compromises, especially when it comes to the floor slab. This way, your house construction will be radon-proof.

Significantly reduced radon gas exposure in the house with floor slabs made of concrete to which the additive AREXAL® Liquid X has been added - without additional tarpaulins or foils for sealing!
With our concrete additive, significantly less radioactive radon gas penetrates through the floor slab into the interior spaces.

The additive "AREXAL® Liquid X" in the application

The additive "Liquid X" is added to the fresh concrete of Portland cement. This operation should be carried out by a trained employee of the construction company or a technician of laguz-waterproof.

The additive is added to the fresh concrete in a mixing ratio of 0.9 liters of additive per 100 kilograms of cement. If the additive is added to the fresh concrete mixer of the concrete transport vehicle, the concrete should be mixed at maximum speed for a period of five minutes.

The additive is added to the fresh concrete mixer of the concrete transport vehicle.

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