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Due to a new EU regulation from 2020, the previous ILKA Steinreiniger S may only be sold to specialist companies. For end users and hobby craftsmen who want to do it themselves, this leaves a gap...

Initial situation: damp walls in basements or storage rooms, hallways, garages, etc. How a basement waterproofing can be done from the inside with our products, we describe in this article.

Hurrah, hurrah the winter is now here... If you want snow and ice-free sidewalks, driveways, sidewalks and streets, no matter how cold it gets, then take ILKA® snow and ice-free granules. This works down to -50°C...

With laguz-waterproof Shop we start the brand store for the best laguz products in the areas of wood protection, building and concrete protection as well as building renovation and building drying.

Total entries: 4