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Cement & Plaster

For example, you need to seal your basement against moisture penetration even though the walls are already wet and cannot or do not want to work from the outside? The crystalline laguz sealing slurry bonds with the masonry, forces moisture to the outside and seals permanently. The laguz renovation plaster can be applied after a very short time and the basement renovation is completed in a few days and, compared to conventional methods, with significantly less effort.

Indoor basement waterproofing without waiting

When waterproofing masonry from the inside, do you have to allow for long waiting times between the individual work steps? After all, it usually takes weeks from applying the grout and drying the wet or damp wall until it can be re-plastered and the renovation completed. But not with the use of laguz products. Since these are optimally matched to each other, plastering can take place directly after sealing with crystalline slurry - without weeks of drying time. This is an enormous time advantage for you and for every craftsman and specialist company, as it is possible to dry out other properties much more quickly.

Mineral waterproofing products with over 70 years of experience

Crystalline technology has been continuously developed and improved for over 70 years and offers distinct advantages over the well-known and traditional alternatives. Because crystalline penetrates the building material, displacing water from the material and permanently occupying the capillaries, water cannot penetrate even later. These water-repellent properties are permanently retained, which also makes the material itself more stable and resistant. The optimal coordination of the products results in the shortest possible processing times without the need for additional products or further coatings. This reduces waiting times between the individual work steps to a minimum or makes additional work steps obsolete. Whether for horizontal or vertical waterproofing - in the laguz-waterproof range we offer the right products such as laguz Injection Plus at attractive prices for all do-it-yourselfers, craftsmen as well as building and real estate companies.

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