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Cleaning & Care

Old roofs, facades and walls are covered by dirt, mold, moss and other environmental influences over time by a coating that is unsightly, permanently damaged the surface and makes the building visually older by years and gives the impression that no one cares. In the cleaning and care products of ILKA Chemie you will find the ideal partners to remedy the situation, to clean the surfaces of all coverings, thereby restoring the original substance and color to its former glory and to maintain it permanently.

Products from ILKA Chemie are highly effective concentrates

The products are not only excellent for cleaning facades, roofs, stones and concrete, but also for metallic surfaces, for example machine and machine parts, car rims and aluminium windows and cladding. An ideal field of application for ILKA-Planofix, for example, is therefore also the cleaning and reconditioning of the exterior surfaces of old and dirty caravans, which are used for permanent camping in a stationary rather than mobile manner. This also makes the property on wheels look like new again.

Use in car workshops, industry, gastronomy and many more

The products, which have been developed for over 50 years, can be used by hobby craftsmen at home as well as by professional craftsmen for customer orders. ILKA products are easy to use, can usually also be used significantly diluted, which saves costs, and still offer an excellent effect. One more reason why the cleaning and care products are successfully used in industry, crafts, gastronomy or in the construction and real estate sector. In addition, great importance is attached to the highest possible environmental compatibility in production and use as well as resource-saving production.

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