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ILKA Steinreiniger Basic now also for end users
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ILKA Steinreiniger Basic now also for end users - ILKA Steinreiniger Basic - for end users | laguz-waterproof

Due to a new EU regulation from 2020, the previous ILKA Steinreiniger S may only be sold to specialist companies. For end users and hobby craftsmen who want to do it themselves, this leaves a gap that we fill with the ILKA Steinreiniger Basic.

By making small changes to the composition, the Stone Cleaner Basic may also be sold to end users. However, there is no need to compromise on the effect. For the application on natural and clinker facades in the outdoor area, the cleaning performance corresponds to the well-known Stone Cleaner S. Also in the application, the product is not more complicated. The surfaces to be cleaned must be saturated with water and then the Stone Cleaner Basic is applied pure or diluted with water with a painter's puff or a brush in a circular motion. After a certain exposure time, wash off with a brush, strong water jet or high-pressure device and the difference between the cleaned and the soiled surface is immediately and clearly visible. 

ILKA Steinreiniger Basic Application example

Private as well as commercial users can therefore use Basic without hesitation - the results will delight everyone.