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Welcome to the laguz-waterproof Shop
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Welcome to the laguz-waterproof Shop - Welcome to the laguz Shop - Wood preservation from the professional

With laguz-waterproof Shop we start the brand store for the best laguz products in the areas of wood protection, building and concrete protection as well as building renovation and building drying.

Thanks to the superior technology behind the products, which was developed decades ago, our products offer an advantage in application, which we would like to present here.

Take, for example, a window renovation in an older apartment building with wooden window frames. The work and time required for the treatment of the weather legs is shown here.

  • Tape the glass above the wooden surfaces for approx. 2 minutes/window leg
  • Pickling off approx. 25 min./window leg
  • Remove the pasty material using a spatula for approx. 7 minutes/window leg
  • Neutralize approx. 2 min./window leg
  • color treatment of the wood with colored stain approx. 10 min./window leg
  • Spray on laguz HYDRO-Wood approx. 2 min/window leg
  • Clean window glass and remove adhesive tape approx. 5 min./window leg

As you can see, it does not take an hour per window and due to the permanent connection of HYDRO-Wood with the wood, no further treatment is necessary afterwards. If you take paint instead, it will flake off after a few years and the windows will need to be treated again!

Isn't it good to know that you have solved the window problem permanently with a single operation?

As an alternative to staining, water-soluble paints can also be applied before treatment with HYDRO-Wood, which are then also permanently protected. This means that there are hardly any color limits for your individual design.

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